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Cranberries were the very first product that Nutrativa Global produced, back when the company was called Northern Lights Food Processing. While cranberry juice has always been a popular drink, modern scientific discoveries have proven what generations of cranberry lovers have always known: that cranberry juice is good for you. Patented technology has allowed us to
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Nutrativa Global offers a Red Raspberry Powder with all of the ellagic acid and quercetin-phenolic compounds found in natural red raspberries in a form that is convenient to package, transport, store and utilize. Red raspberry powder is a component that is frequently used in the manufacturing of health bars, healthy snacks, dietary supplements, natural food
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If your company specializes in food products, health products or beverages, you understand the importance of using natural, nutritious ingredients that are easy to integrate into your manufacturing processes. At Nutrativa Global, we offer high value nutritional ingredients that will enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your products. One of our most popular products
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red powder
Cranberry Protein Powder offers manufacturers an excellent alternative source of powdered protein that competes favorably with the traditional dairy and soy protein sources. Nutrativa Global’s Cranberry Protein Powder is produced from cranberry seeds in an enzyme-free process that avoids extraction solvents and high heat to retain a high level of nutrient value. Cranberry Protein Powder’s
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Humans have used grapes since the dawn of history. The vitis vinifera, commonly known as the grape vine, produces fruits from which wine is made. The seeds of the grape possess nutritional value that many cultures have appreciated since ancient times. Many consumers are starting to learn the health benefits of grape seeds and to
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chia seeds in glass container
The chia plant has been consumed for centuries by pre-Columbian cultures, who identified it as a great source of nutrients and energy and who cultivated it extensively for this reason. As modern scientists confirm what these cultures have known for centuries, chia seeds are fast becoming a popular food source for many modern consumers as
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Ellagic acid is a phytochemical which is a chemical found in certain plants and fruits. It’s common in cranberries, walnuts, pecans, raspberries, strawberries and pomegranates. Ellagic acid is one of our most popular products and has several applications as a health supplement. History of Ellagic Acid One of the benefits of ellagic acid is that
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