Cosmeceutical Oils

For Healthy Skin From Within

When your products require the very finest, pure, 100% natural ingredients, look no further than Nutrativa™ Global. Our complete line of premium fruit oil and fruit powder ingredients can be found in some of the highest quality, most recognized brands in the world. Distinguish your product line with the exceptional quality and purity of Nutrativa™ Global.

Available Cosmeceutical Oils
Cranberry Seed Oil
Organic Chia Seed Oil
Cosmeceutical Oil Uses
Liquid antiseptic hand soaps
Artisan quality bar hand soaps
Lip balm
UV sun protection & suntan lotions
Shampoos & conditioners
Foot balm
Eczema cream
Dermatological research suggests that bioactive ingredients like our fruit oils and fruit powders, when used in cosmeceuticals, have benefits beyond the traditional moisturizer.

Bulk Ingredients

Natural Fruit Powders and Fruit Oils


Cranberry Oil Infused Products for Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits


Pure Fruit Ingredients: The Ultimate in Health & Nutrition


Fruit Powders to Enhance the Beverage Flavor & Nutrition

Functional Foods

Fruit Ingredients for Increased Nutrition and Rich Flavor

Animal Nutrition

Advanced Formulas for Improved Pet Health & Nutrition