Nutrativa Global Technology

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Nutrativa Globalâ„¢ has developed, tested and perfected a proprietary food processing system that allows us to unlock the nutritional potential of fruit seeds and skins.

Every day, millions of tons of fruits are juiced, leaving the skins and seeds as a natural byproduct. Nutrativa Global recognized the potential and intrinsic value of these natural byproducts and created unique processes to capture the nutrient rich oils from the seeds, and to create healthy, natural powders from the fruit skins.

Our incredible, cutting-edge technology has enabled us to manufacture the highest quality, 100% natural fruit ingredients that set the standard for industry quality. We are committed to innovation and will continue to respond to our customers changing needs with products that give our customers the competitive edge they deserve.

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The Process

100% Pure

To ensure that our customers receive only the very freshest, most natural ingredients, the Nutrativa Global process guarantees 100% natural product recovery. Nutrativa Global uses only the highest quality ingredients from known, reliable sources. We use 100% pure fruit resulting in 100% pure fruit ingredients.

Cold-Press / Cold-Filtered

Nutrativa Global uses a proprietary mechanical system to harness the incredible flavor and nutritional benefits from natural fruits. Our chemical-free process extracts pure, natural oil from seeds using sensitive pressure and friction to extract the oil. No external heat is applied during the extraction process to ensure flavorful, rich fruit oils filled with vital nutrients and functional properties.

Full Fruit Flavor

At Nutrativa Global, we ensure that all of our fruit ingredients are cold pressed and cold filtered to retain the rich natural fruit flavors that are often lost during the heating process. Experience the flavor and nutritional benefits that only cold processing provides.
Nutrativa Global Is Better
GMP Compliant. We follow all GMP compliance standards.
Allergy safe. Our secure methods eliminate cross contamination.
Oil filtered to 1 micron in clarity.
Oils are nitrogen-purged to maintain freshness
Minimal heat / minimal pressure
The Nutrativa Advantage
No Enzymes
No Solvents
No Press Aids
No Synthetics
No Chemicals
Just 100% Pure Fruit Ingredients