Beverage Powders

There are thousands of innovative beverage options available on grocery store shelves around the globe. How can you ensure that your next beverage innovation will be a winner? Start with a winning, nutritional fruit powder and partner with Nutrativa™ Global when seeking a functional ingredient for your next beverage application.

Product Benefits

Plant-based Protein Powders
Soluble and insoluble fiber
Excipient, Synthetic, chemical, solvent & carrier-FREE
100% Pure Plant-based powders can be great additions to smoothies, protein shakes, powdered drink mixes and a wide variety of other beverage applications.

Nutrativa Global Offerings

Cranberry Fiber
Crantiva™ Cranberry Powder
Cranberry Protein Powder
Spray Dried Cranberry Powder (i.e. water soluble)
Grape Powder
Aronia Powder
Hemp Protein Powder
Blueberry Powder
Chia Protein Powder
Apple Fiber

Bulk Ingredients

Natural Fruit Powders and Fruit Oils


Cranberry Oil Infused Products for Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits


Pure Fruit Ingredients: The Ultimate in Health & Nutrition


Fruit Powders to Enhance the Beverage Flavor & Nutrition

Functional Foods

Fruit Ingredients for Increased Nutrition and Rich Flavor

Animal Nutrition

Advanced Formulas for Improved Pet Health & Nutrition