Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC

For the past 21 years Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC has been providing a variety of “contract manufacturing services” to the food, beverage, personal care, pet nutrition and nutraceutical industries.

Make running your business and growing your brand much easier by outsourcing with Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC.

By partnering with a BRCGS globally certified and experienced contract manufacturer, you take the pressure off of yourself to handle 100% of the production side of your business. Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out with an idea, Northern Lights Food Processing, LLC is the perfect partner.

Our 21 year specialty is in the manufacturing of excipient, synthetic, solvent, chemical, carrier FREE, 100% pure oils and powders. Offering a portfolio of ingredients that will be used in support of the global $5 trillion dollar health, wellness and nutrition industry.
Contract Manufacturing Services

Northern Lights Food Processing offers a variety of drying services that provide precise temperature, airflow and humidity control systems. The wet/frozen by-product is then dried to the customer’s moisture specification.

Foreign material and metal detection quality check points throughout the process.

The Northern Lights cutting-edge technology includes and oil and meal extraction process that delivers excipient, synthetic, solvent, chemical, carrier-FREE ingredients. 100% pure oils and powders.

Northern Lights Food Processing produces cold-pressed and cold filtered oils that are excipient, synthetic, solvent, chemical, carrier-FREE. 100% pure oil that is filtered to an absolute 1 micron (i.e. pharmaceutical grade)

Northern Lights Food Processing offers a wide range of particle size distribution capabilities. Through our cold-mill processing we deliver the purest of milled powders that range from a coarse 20 mesh to an ultra-fine powder of 325 mesh. We deliver on particle size to your product specification.

Northern Lights Food Processing offers dry ingredient blending services for a wide range of food, beverage and nutraceutical product applications. After cold-milling your product to your particle size specification (up to 325 mesh), we can custom mix your creation from a small pilot batch to large scale production run into one uniform blend.

A variety of packaging options are available to customer specification. We deliver in jugs, drums, boxes, bags, totes and super sacks.

At Northern Lights Food Processing you can be assured that there is full product traceability, by batch. Each Lot that we manufacture for you is supported with a third-party Certificate of Analysis (CoA).