If your company specializes in food products, health products or beverages, you understand the importance of using natural, nutritious ingredients that are easy to integrate into your manufacturing processes.

At Nutrativa Global, we offer high value nutritional ingredients that will enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your products. One of our most popular products is blueberry powder.

Blueberry powder is frequently used in the preparation of dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, protein blends, nutritional snacks, pet foods and other powder products.

The Popularity of Blueberry Powder

Rich in Antioxidants.

Antioxidants are nutrients that protect several types of tissues in the body by blocking harmful chemical reactions caused by oxidation. Antioxidants are known for helping reduce the effect of aging and some health conditions and diseases related to aging.

High Levels of Phenolic Compounds.

Phenolic compounds are chemical elements that are found in blueberries and other sources. They play an important role in cancer prevention and the treatment of cancer. Studies have shown phenolic compounds to have chemopreventive properties (the use of a compound to interfere with a disease process).


Anthocyanin is a fruit pigment and antioxidant found in blueberries and other fruits. Scientific research has linked anthocyanin to cancer benefits, improving eyesight, repairing blood vessels in diabetic patients and other benefits.

Fruit Protein Source.

Protein is essential for the body. It helps our bodies with muscle building, tissue repair, energy, fighting off illnesses, and strengthening the immune system. Most people get their protein from meat. However, those with healthier lifestyles are avoiding meat and looking for alternative sources of protein. Blueberry is one of the best alternative sources of plant-based protein.

General Health Benefits.

People from the northern hemisphere, where blueberries grow naturally, have known for centuries what scientists have confirmed recently: That blueberries are not only tasty, but good for you. Blueberries are traditionally known for being beneficial for your eyes, heart and for fighting off illnesses.

Natural Protein Alternatives.

As studies continue to demonstrate the dangers of industrialized, highly processed food, more and more people will choose natural food alternatives. Nutrativa Global stands proud to lead the industry with alternative, natural protein food sources and we welcome the opportunity to partner with food and beverage manufacturers seeking high quality natural food ingredients.

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