chia seeds in glass container

The chia plant has been consumed for centuries by pre-Columbian cultures, who identified it as a great source of nutrients and energy and who cultivated it extensively for this reason. As modern scientists confirm what these cultures have known for centuries, chia seeds are fast becoming a popular food source for many modern consumers as well.

To produce chia powder, the seeds undergo a milling process where they are ground down into a fine powder that has many uses and applications. In addition, we also grind chia for its oil, which is one of our top products due to its high demand.

Benefits of Chia Powder

Considering the rich history and the tremendous health benefits of chia powder, it’s no surprise that it’s become popular among today’s health-conscious consumers. So what are the benefits of chia powder?

Increased Energy and Endurance.

Chia powder provides a high level of energy for its weight. It also provides a measured release of glucose into the blood stream. These factors cause a steady supply of energy and an increase in stamina.

Body Hydration.

Chia powder helps the body retain water. In addition, it restores the balance of electrolytes. Since people often forget to drink water, chia powder helps them keep hydrated. Hydration is even more important for people engaged in sports or other strenuous activities.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes and other Blood Conditions.

Chia powder has been shown to lower blood pressure. Additionally, it regulates the levels of glucose and blood sugar, limiting the risk of diabetes and other blood conditions related to sugar.

Applications of Chia Powder

Chia powder can be used in the preparation of home meals and drinks. Companies in different industries use chia powder as an ingredient in a wide range of products, including, yogurt, infant and baby formula, nutritional energy drinks, nutritional bars, baking flours, food products and pet foods.

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